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Data science training in Kalyan Nagar| 100% Job Assistance.

Data science training in Kalyan Nagar

Accelerate your career with expertise in data science and get noticed by the top hiring companies. Come and learn data science with TechVibz, the best data science training in Bangalore. Data science is the most exciting field that has a high demand for talent. Our professional approach to data science training in Kalyan Nagar designed and taught by a team with industrial experience and expertise will shape you up into a complete data science professional. You will be spoilt for choices of fields in which you can work after your Data science training course in Kalyan Nagar. Our course structure includes corporate training, online training and real time projects. We assure you 100% job assistance for placement in the industry.

What Is Data Science? What are the applications?

Data science is shaping the future of computing. It is a promising and in-demand career path for skilled professionals. As the IT world has grown to encompass big data applications, the areas of storage and processing of this data has grown exponentially. Data Science is a multidisciplinary field that extracts insights from data. In other words it is the science of recording, storage and analysis of data to give meaningful answers and insights. This is highly valuable to companies that need to study and mine their data to add value to their businesses. It is also the future of Artificial Intelligence. We cover all these aspects of Data science training in Kalyan Nagar at TechVibz with our well designed course structure. We are the best data science training in Bangalore.


Our course is designed to take you from the basics of data science training in Kalyan Nagar right through to implementation in real time projects. At TechVibz you will learn to use data science to solve complex real world situations and problems. We update your skillset to cover all the areas to give you the best data science training course in Kalyan Nagar. Our TechVibz course designers and faculty at the best data science training in Bangalore are corporate trainers with experience and expertise in the field. You will learn how to handle big data tools and visualization in different verticals. You will then learn not only the theory of statistical methods and machine learning algorithms but also the application of these concepts in real time projects. This will give you industry exposure and the confidence to take up any project big or small.


The fields in which a data science expert can work in are extremely varied. The salary of a data scientist in India ranges from 6 lakh to 10 lakh rupees per annum. There is a very high demand for people in this field as big data and its management is being applied to many fields. So regardless of the economic trends that are happening a data scientist is always in high demand and our TechVibz centre for data science training in Kalyan Nagar is you way forward to a lucrative career.

In the corporate world, a company would not only need data science to manage all its day to day data storage requirements but to also mine it for making business decisions to take the company forward. If a company wants to study customer behaviour or their buying patterns of their customers based on their history it is data science that gives answers. A data science expert trained in data science training course in Kalyan Nagar at TechVibz can sift through that valuable storehouse of data. This would give the company information on trends and behaviours in a meaningful way. When you have been trained at the best data science training in Bangalore you would be able to provide the information for such decisions.

Our course in data science training in Kalyan Nagar will also teach you how data science is applicable to machine learning and Artificial Intelligence where for example a robot has to sense and collect data from all the stimulus around it and then process it and make decisions. A self driving car or a drone would have to collect and process data from its sensors and maps of its surroundings to make meaningful and sensible decisions on how to proceed. It is data science that governs how the car decides if it is to slow down or proceed, if it is to make a turn or go straight.

Fields that use predictive analytics at their core such as weather forecasting models rely heavily on data science. The process of analysing past weather trends as well as collating and processing weather data to make predictions is a valuable application of data science. It is a growing field that can save many precious lives with proper forecasting of extreme weather. It can also aid in agriculture and the daily lives of the common man. At TechVibz we cover multifaceted applications of data science in our data science training course in Kalyan Nagar.


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